Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hey, all this is a TEST run .. I am messing with video Capture stuff going to be trying my hand at movies.   But thank you to Darkangle for being in my test run :P ..

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


    Was just chilling at my studio, when this beautiful red head walked in. I didn't even know her name, honestly, I was too busy letting my eyes wander over her beautiful body.  She giggled and then said, " mm hi daddy I have been watching you for a while I want to please you since I am a huge fan." Smirkingly I said " Oh yeah.. going to show me how big of a fan you are. " As she started to undressing she whispered " Yes I am your whore use me as you wish. "

Slipping down into the chair as she undressed me taking my hard cock into her hands. Slowly moving her hands up and down my shaft. Growling getting lost in how amazing her hands felt. 

As her mouth slipped over my hard cock. Grabbing the chair tightly moaning and growling as I felt her tongue tease along my shaft. Growling and moaning as she worked her magic on my cock. 

Growling and moaning as she worked lower and lower swallowing my hard cock... Her throat muscles squeezing me as she worked me deeper and deeper. 

Smiling she asked me to turn over, taking her hand slowly guiding it up between her two amazing breasts. As I slowly rocked my hips back and forth pushing my hard cock between her soft breasts growling as she let out a moan "mmm daddy like having his cock between my titties " Rocking back and forth watching my cock move between her breasts all  I could do was moan.

Not being able to take it anymore. I grabbed her flipping her over.. pulling her down onto my hard cock. Both of us let out a loud moan of approval.

Giving into my animal Instinct tossing her over pushing her down .. slamming my cock deep back into her...Growling as I felt her tight pussy squeezing my hard cock. Looking up at me she moaned softly as she said .. "See daddy I am your whore.. your name marks your property "  looking down seeing my name tattooed over her tight pussy made my body shiver as I slammed into her harder and harder 

Flipping her over grabbing her from behind Slamming my hard cock in and out of her tight pussy as she moaned out " Yess daddy just like that .. god yes. Slam that cock into me .. fuck can I come, daddy, please"  Growling out my response as I felt my cock grow and get ready to explode. " Yes, cum ,, cum as my cock explodes and fills you."

As I lay there my body spent resting on top of hers, she whimpers softly ty " mmm now I am your whore froever, use me as you see fit  

Friday, April 14, 2017

So folks.. Yes I have been Slacking here.. Shame Shame.. I Know.. anyways.. here is some of my latest work